The Starcraft 2 arcade icon of Zombiecraft Reloaded

Zombiecraft Reloaded is a Starcraft 2 arcade map created by Zowieberner. It's a teambased zombie survival sandbox that was inspired by games such as Minecraft and Killing Floor.

Basic GameplayEdit

At the start of a game, you spawn with a 'class selection.'

Here you can choose what type of class you want to play.

  • Engineer
  • Soldier
  • Gardener
  • Nurse
  • Commander
  • Phantom
  • (Cancelled class) Enlightend One

Current classes are:







Each class has pros and some cons. You can sort classes into 3 roles:

-Support (Support team by healing and buffing allies, or debuffing enemies. Most support classes come with special crafting abilities)

-Builder (This class is centered around creating defenses and maintaining the base)

-Raider (This class is the one that often has to leave base to collect items, like ammo and magical mushrooms)

You have to team up with your allies and pick a spot to create a base. Hostiles come at night and will try to eat you. You have to communicate with your teammates often and share the workload.

Things that should be done primarily:

- Collect items ( Raiders are most suited for this job)

- Create base/ improve base  ( Support and builder classes are better in this)

Other things that should be considered doing:

- Create an animal farm (sheeps/cows/snare chickens)

- Crafting

- Cooking

Each consecutive night becomes harder and harder. So make you sure you're stacked up nicely before it becomes somewhat impossible to leave your base.

Other modesEdit

There some other modes that have a diffrent gameplay, one of which is the Hungergames mode.

Basically it's free for all with alliances set to enabled. Raider classes do best in this mode.