Saboteur: Prevents enemy buildings from giving an income and or researching/training a unit for 61 seconds can cloak

Vehicles: Drops a vehicle wreckage which is pilotable by a pilot

Pilot: Can repair a vehicle wreckage and become the vehicle(to repair the vehicle it costs half the original resource cost)

Alien Bruiser: A high shields unit that can soak up damage from enemy units

nerf militia: damage down to 5 to prevent rushes and or mass of militia

Marauders(name still being thought off):Has 3 different weapons grenades,tesla,(still needs to be decided) and 3 different armors depending on the model Personal shield(merecenary) light armor(normal) Flame resistant(dominion)

Adding upgrades to specialize certain units 

Damage:Increases damage but decreases armor/hp

Armor:increases armor/hp but decreases speed

Speed:Decreases damage but makes unit faster

These are applicable to only that unit and any other units of the same type

Geo generator: Uses the power of the earth to power nearby buildings

Geothermal generator(upgrade of geo generator): Uses the power of lava to generate lots of power for nearby buildings

GeoCore Generator: Uses the power of the planets core to generate power for nearby structures (will cause random earthquakes around the map)

Lightning rod: Draws the lightning created by storms and or weather generation via the weather machine to generate power

Laser Drill: Drills into the earths crust to find ores(15 minerals income 10 terrazine cost 3 happiness) (chance to cause earthquakes)

GeoQuake:Causes earthquakes in specific parts of the map damaging buildings,units and slowing them

EMP center: Causes all mechanical units on the map to shutdown

Biological warfare Center: Can research/deploy plagues zombies and mutations