Mutation Faction:

Its a faction that only have one main type of unit being totally different from other factions but having many different types of upgrades for said unit that are only applied to one unit at a time.All there buildings have the capibility to grow legs and move about but cannot research or give mutations nor train units well moving about.


Colonist(becomes mutated colonist when mutated the first time): Basic constructor

Mutated Colonist Ship:Starting ship capable of producing broodlings which can morph into mutated colonists


Mutation Chamber:Mutates units with upgrades to damage speed and health(each mutation has a different cooldown)

Fusion Pool: Combines fully mutated units to become mutatable once more keeping the buffs of the *parents*

Spawning Pool:There version of Colonist huts(15 terrazine 10 food)

Hatchery:Food production building(5 food 1 terrazine)

Ultralisk Cavern:Researchs mutation upgrades

Spire:Produces *flight* upgrades for units

Mutated bunker:Ranged infested units can go inside it

Mutated Generator: Produces energy to be given to spellcasting mutated units

Mutation Generator:Can produce infested colonists with random upgrades

Mutation Nucleas:Allows advanced upgrades into mutation fields(1 per game as you can only advance in one mutation)

Mutation Spore: Can cause mutation storms mutating all infantry in the area into uncontrollable Level 2 mutations

Mutation Nexus:Allows research into Tactical mutations such as Tentacles

Mutation Harvester:Allows you to break down mutated units into there key components and turned into resources

Mutation Detonator: Allows research into explosive Mutations

Mutation Controler: Superweapon Lowers terrazine income of other races

Next race: Fizz'brey-kulz(brey asked me to put this here

They are a semi-aquatic race that have hyper evolved thanks to pollution from the colonists(murloc models he has requested if u are gonna do it)most of there buildings are over water and are easily destroyed thanks to there primitive tools

Basic units:

Narzul:Basic constructor cannot leave the waters

Narzul ak-rada:A water based ship that can carry units across water

Narzul Nak-dan:Advanced constructor capable of walking on land

Military units:

Fizz'ka-dar:A melee murloc carrying a pitchfork(100 hp 0 armor 10 damage 0.65 as)

Brey'derkan: A ranged unit with a bow (10 hp 2 armor 24 damage(5 to armored 1 to buildings) 1.15 AS)

Fizz'kar: Basic medic

Lak-an-nar:First land capable military unit that can be Trained in a Nark into a Zur-kar

Zur-kar:A melee murloc wearing armor(150 hp 3 armor 5 damage 1.32 as)

Lck-dm : Ranged murloc with a stolen gun(25 hp 1 armor 32 damage(12 to armored 10 to structures) 1.55 as)

Un-dar-kar: Advanced medic(10 hp heals at 10 hp/2 energy rate)

Neklar: a Caster type unit that uses ancient Fizz'brey-kulz methods to summon water golems

Undaklaknaramdoraka: Advanced unit first tank of the murloc(450 hp 5 armor 130 damage(10 to bio 152 to structures) 8.4 as)abilities: overload halfs attack speed

Likrannokdash: The only capable unit of the murlocs that can fly but its only a transport(200hp 0 armor)


Ruklak:houseing(5 terrazine income 1 vespene drain)

Nukdan:Farm(15 vespene income 3 terrazine drain)

Narzul Barkkarm:Trains infantry units

Narzul Lekkarm:Researchs technologies

Narzul:Derkkarm:Makes tanks

Narzul Delkarm:Land based infantry trainer

Narzul Delekkarm:land based tank trainer

Narzul:Kurran:Advanced upgrade building

N-e-k-l-o-r:First super weapon that causes large amounts of food depravation to other units